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Discover the evolution of coding. While languages like C, C++, Rust, and Go were initially tailored for compilers, drivers, and operating systems, Sheerpower emerged with a distinct mission to empower the swift creation of expansive business applications. In a world where business rules constantly shift, Sheerpower shines, making development and maintenance a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming coding, and step into a realm where innovation is quick, and programming becomes pure enjoyment.

Note: Although Sheerpower runs only under Windows, these tutorials work on any device and any operating system with a modern browser.

Always use the right tool for the right job.
Using Sheerpower, every aspect of business application development is easier, faster, and results in reduced maintenance costs.

Sheerpower is used in diverse applications such as:
Dive into the boundless versatility of Sheerpower. From streamlining over 90% of Title Insurance paperwork in North-Eastern America to powering immersive Multi-player Online Games (MMORGs), high-volume photography systems, and dynamic Online Auction APIs. Sheerpower propels the future with its presence in digital assistant back-ends for Alexa, clinical health systems, and cutting-edge NLP systems for correcting oronym and homonym voice-to-text errors. Join the ranks of innovators; discover Sheerpower's role in these and countless other transformative applications.

Experience the sheer power and joy of Sheerpower through our series of interactive tutorials. These tutorials are thoughtfully arranged, taking you on a journey from the basics to the advanced.

Each tutorial begins with a comprehensive feature overview, followed by a hands-on demonstration through Sheerpower code blocks. You have the freedom to execute the code as is or customize it to explore diverse functionalities. This hands-on approach fosters a dynamic learning experience.

Witness the outcomes in real-time as you run the code, displayed conveniently in the area just above the code block. Dive into the world of Sheerpower and unlock your coding potential!

Note: For the best learning experience, examine each code block and guess what is does. Then, press the button and look at the results. You might also consider taking small breaks every five to six tutorials.

Programming in a Safe Environment
For these tutorials, your code runs inside of a safe environment called a "sandbox." While in the sandbox, your code is not allowed to use some Sheerpower features such as killing files or asking the operating system to do things for you. Don't worry, you will receive a warning if you accidently try using any of those features. Also, while in the sandbox, program runtime is limited to about one second and program output is limited to about 100K bytes.

In addition to these tutorials, there are a number of YouTube videos on Sheerpower that are very instructive.

Looking for the full power of Sheerpower and the complete detailed documention? Check out the Sheerpower website. Free to download. Free to use.

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