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Computer languages such as C, C++, Rust, and Go were designed to develop compilers, device drivers, operating systems, database engines, etc. They can, of course, also be used to develop business applications, but using them for this purpose is tedious and time consuming. In contrast, Sheerpower was specifically designed to develop large business applications, where business rules are constantly changing. With Sheerpower, development and maintenance are quick and enjoyable.

Always use the right tool for the right job.
Note: Although Sheerpower runs only under Windows, these tutorials work on any device and any operating system with a modern browser.

Using Sheerpower, every aspect of business application development is easier, faster, and results in reduced maintenance costs.

Sheerpower is used in diverse applications such as:
In order to show how powerful and fun Sheerpower is, we have provided this series of interactive tutorials. They are organized from simple to advanced.

Each tutorial includes a general description of features, followed by a block of Sheerpower code demonstrating the features. The code can be run directly or modified and then run by clicking the button. Modifying the code allows you to try different features as part of the learning process.

The results of running the code are shown in the area below the block of code.

Note: For the best learning experience, you might consider taking small breaks every 5-6 tutorials.

Programming in a Safe Environment
For these tutorials, your code runs inside of a safe environment called a "sandbox." While in the sandbox, your code is not allowed to use some Sheerpower features such as killing files or asking the operating system to do things for you. Don't worry, you will receive a warning if you accidently try using any of those features. Also, while in the sandbox, program runtime is limited to about one second and program output is limited to about 100K bytes.

In addition to these tutorials, there are a number of YouTube videos on Sheerpower that are very instructive.

Looking for the full power of Sheerpower and the complete detailed documention? Check out the Sheerpower website. Free to download. Free to use.

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