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Writing Your First Sheerpower Program
Sheerpower source code is written into a text file with the file type of spsrc for the primary program or spinc for "include files". Sheerpower comes with its own Integrated Development Environment editor called SPDEV, but any text editor can be used, such as Visual Studio Code (VSC). In fact, Sheerpower has extensions for VSC to make writing, debugging, and running Sheerpower code fast and easy.

Validating and Running Your Sheerpower Program
To validate that your program has no typographical or syntax errors, from SPDEV choose the validate button. Any syntax errors or misspellings will be highlighted.

To run a Sheerpower program from within the SPDEV development environment, open it from the SPDEV environment and choose the run button . This will validate snd then run the code.

To run a Sheerpower program from outside of the development environment, double-click on the name of the file or include its name in a batch or command file. You can also run a Sheerpower program from the command line by typing sp4gl xxx where xxx is the name of the Sheerpower program. Sheerpower programs can also be run from Visual Studio Code using the Sheerpower extension for VSC.

Sheerpower has no main() routine. Instead, programs start execution at the first source line.

Long Term Upward Compatibility
Sheerpower runs under all versions of Windows Desktop and Windows Server that have been released over the last 10 years. Great care is taken to keep Sheerpower upward compatible with older versions of itself. Sheerpower code written 10 years ago will continue to run into the future. This greatly reduces code maintenance costs and allows programmers to focus on developing new code instead of refactoring old code.

Because of Sheerpower's high-speed compiler, it is efficient to write and test code in small increments. While in the Sheerpower Development Environment, errors are reported instantly and are highlighted, explained, and clickable for rapid correction and recompiling.

Sheerpower optimizes your time as a programmer. You write less code and your time spent compiling code and experiencing coding changes is amazingly short - typically less than one second. Your debugging time is greatly reduced. Sheerpower adds enjoyment to your programming life!

Sheerpower's language syntax is similar to that of PHP or Python. This makes it easier to learn for both experts and beginners. Debugging is also quick and easy due to its virtually instantaneous compiles, error reporting, and code profiling.

Feel free to edit the code below and then click on to run your code.

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