Sheerpower Logo H.6  Calling Procedures Written in Other Languages
Sheerpower can call procedures written in other programming languages as long as they are contained in a DLL as a global routine. An example of this is calling routines in the Microsoft provided msvcrt.dll library. The call statement is used to call and execute library routines. These routines can perform procedures so the programmer does not have to write the code from scratch.

The library to which the routine belongs must have been specified in a library statement.

Routines within a DLL are called using the call statement, followed by a quoted string which contains the name of the routine to be called:
Some routines take arguments. By default, most arguments are passed by their value. Strings and arrays are always passed by reference. If you want to explicitly pass an argument by reference (the pointer to the argument), use the by ref option:
a% = 45 call 'my_routine (myvar% by ref, myarray%() by ref)

After a routine is called, it might also return a value. _integer will contain that value.
The example below uses the Microsoft provided msvcrt.dll library and calls the strlen function/routine.
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