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Key Features

Ease of Use

  • Gradual learning curve with easy programming and maintenance.
  • Code is readable, resembling a well-crafted story, utilizing common English terms.
  • Includess royalty-free licensing for both individual and commercial use.
  • Supports both statically and dynamically typed variables.


  • Enables searching and updating of clusters at a rate of millions per second.
  • Boasts a compiling speed of over 500,000 source lines per second.
  • Optimized runtime engine allows millions of complex operations per second.
  • The embedded database engine reads records at over 1,000,000 per second with full record-level locking.


  • Enhances developer speed and makes development enjoyable.
  • Significantly lowers project completion costs via rapid development and debugging.
  • Comes bundled with robust debugging features and an integrated IDE.
  • Interfacing with standard IDEs, such as Visual Studio Code, is supported.
  • Includes an integrated webserver, facilitating rapid SaaS development.
  • The built-in webserver manages thousands of transactions per second.

Security & Compatibility

  • Ensures database operations are secure from SQL injection and similar attacks.
  • Ensures forward compatibility: all code works with future releases without modification.
  • Provides 100% memory-safe protection.

Database & Memory Management

  • Includes built-in database operations and a high-speed database engine.
  • Features automated, runtime-optimized memory handling.
  • Allows operation on CSV and other delimited files as database clusters.
  • Compact footprint with an installer under 30 MB and full installation in less than two minutes.
  • Arrays and positional results follow a natural one-origin (indexed by 1,2,3).
  • Ensures consistent performance without disruptions from memory garbage collection or "stop the world" events.
  • Integrated, highly optimized memory management system eliminates the need for garbage collection.

The Sheerpower Development Culture

Sheerpower optimizes your time as a programmer. You write less code. Experiencing coding changes is amazingly quick - typically less than one second. Your debugging time is greatly reduced as well. Sheerpower adds enjoyment to your programming life.

Sheerpower runs under all versions of Windows Desktop and Windows Server that have been released over the last 10 years. Great care is taken to keep sheerpower backward compatible with older versions of itself. Sheerpower code written 10 years ago will continue to run into the future. This greatly reduces code maintenance costs and lets programmers focus on writing new code instead of refactoring old code.

Because of sheerpower's high-speed compiler, it is efficient to write and test code in small increments. Compilation errors are reported instantly. All errors are highlighted, explained, and clickable for rapid correction and recompiling. Even the largest applications will fully build in just a few seconds.

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