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Sheerpower is not for everyone. It is for programmers who must design, build, and maintain large, mission-critical, and ever-evolving business applications. Sheerpower language elements are very high level and promote rapid application development and efficient debugging. With Sheerpower, there is no need to worry about issues such as memory leaks, buffer overflows, memory allocations/deallocations, memory garbage collection, and other esoteric internal considerations. Sheerpower takes care of all of this for the developer.

Key Features
  • Rapid business development environment
  • Perfect precision math
  • Integrated high-speed database engine
  • Language constructs designed to help programmers focus on business rules
Penny rounding math errors are eliminated with Sheerpower. Unlike other programming languages, by default, simple math operations always give perfect results. Try the math below with your favorite programming language, such as Python, C, C++, Java, Rust, or Javascript:
print (10.7 + 3.2)
Did you get the correct result of exactly 13.9?

Sheerpower always gives correct results for simple math operations and not something "almost correct." Always giving correct math results is critical for business applications. Sheerpower accomplishes this by using its patented technology that focuses on the speed and accuracy of mathematical operations.

Using these tutorials
Each tutorial includes action buttons:
  • Run Runs Sheerpower sample code
  • Reset Resets sample code back to default
  • Clear Clears the sample code window
  • Home Goes to the tutorials homepage
  • Previous Goes back to the previous tutorial
  • Next Continues to the next tutorial
Under the buttons are four fill-in fields, one for each of the variables a$, b$, x, y. You can use these four variables in the sample code or make your own variables.
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