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Sheerpower isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's tailored for a specific audience — programmers entrusted with the creation, construction, and continuous upkeep of substantial, mission-critical business applications. In the realm of programming languages, Sheerpower stands out with its remarkably high-level language elements. These elements are the key to swift application development and streamlined debugging processes, making it an ideal choice for those who demand efficiency.

One standout feature is its status as a Memory Safe Language. With Sheerpower, developers can bid farewell to concerns like memory leaks, buffer overflows, memory allocations/deallocations, and the intricacies and delays caused by of memory garbage collection. Sheerpower gracefully handles these intricate internal considerations, liberating developers to focus on crafting exceptional applications.

Key Features
  1. Rapid Business Development Environment: Sheerpower offers a dynamic platform for swiftly advancing business development, empowering developers to transform ideas into functional applications with remarkable speed.
  2. Perfect Precision Math: Dive into the world of precise mathematics with Sheerpower, ensuring that your calculations are not just accurate, but perfectly so. This precision is a cornerstone of Sheerpower's commitment to excellence.
  3. Integrated High-Speed Database Engine: Streamline your data management with Sheerpower's integrated high-speed database engine. This feature facilitates efficient storage and retrieval of crucial information, enhancing overall application performance.
  4. Focused Language Constructs: Sheerpower's language constructs are thoughtfully designed to direct programmers' attention toward crafting robust business rules. By simplifying complex coding tasks, Sheerpower enables developers to concentrate on what truly matters: creating impactful applications.

Many of the examples use the Sheerpower PRINT statement. This is the primary way to provide output. Multiple items can be printed at a time when separated by a ";". The ";" prints items without providing any spacing between them. For advanced output formatting, use the SPRINTF() function.
print 1.2 - 1.0 print 'a';'b';'c' print sprintf('%s is %d %p old.', "Sally",10, "year")

Penny rounding math errors are eliminated with Sheerpower. Unlike other programming languages, by default, simple math operations always give perfect results. Try the math below with your favorite programming language, such as Python, C, C++, Java, Rust, or Javascript:
print (10.7 + 3.2)
Did you get the correct result of exactly 13.9?

Sheerpower always gives correct results for simple math operations and not something "almost correct." Always giving correct math results is critical for business applications. Sheerpower accomplishes this by using its patented technology that focuses on the speed and accuracy of mathematical operations.
Using these tutorials
Each tutorial includes action buttons:
  • Run Runs Sheerpower sample code
  • Reset Resets sample code back to default
  • Clear Clears the sample code window
  • Home Goes to the tutorials homepage
  • Previous Goes back to the previous tutorial
  • Next Continues to the next tutorial

Under the buttons are four fill-in fields, one for each of the variables a$, b$, x, y. You can use these four variables in the sample code or make your own variables.
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