Sheerpower Logo D.5  Text Analysis Using Clusters
Sheerpower has a lot of support for files. The files can be textual, binary, devices, networks, Internet, etc. Like everything in Sheerpower, file processing is very fast.

The example code below shows reading the entire text of the Bible, finding words that exist only once (excluding proper names), and showing those words in context. It uses a text file that contains the text of the bible. Each text line is prefixed with the chapter and verse that it came from, followed by a tab character (ascii 9).

For added fun, you can input in the variable a$ a comma-separated list of first letters that you want to include. In the code, the match() function is used to do this part. Have fun playing with the code. You can always click on Reset to start over.

Note #1: The Bible text as formatted is from
Note #2: We could have used cluster input in this example since this is really a TSV-formatted file.

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