Sheerpower Logo H.7  Deploying/Building Sheerpower Programs
Deploying/Building a Sheerpower program is sort of like compiling and linking it. For example, the result of deploying MyProgram.spsrc is Myprogram.sprun. The sprun file is compressessed base64 encrypted text that does not reveal the source code of the underlying program. To run a sprun file, the receiver of the file needs to install Sheerpower or you can give them a copy of the sp4gl.exe file that has been renamed, in our example to MyProgram.exe and place this file into the same folder as the MyProgram.sprun file. Running the Myprogram.exe program will, in turn, run the MyProgram.sprun deployed program.

The easiest ways to make a sprun file are to open your source file in SPDEV and use the deploy option.

Or, from within VScode, press the F6 key.
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